The ZEE Deflector is Ideal for testing various skill attributes of goalkeepers, the ball deflector is perfect for goalkeepers of any age that want to tweak their skills. With a minimum of 45 floats, (more can be applied) ball movement and direction is totally unpredictable. Optional wheels are available.

We have tested this soccer ball deflection tool for several months and we finally delivered this month our finished product to Orlando City Soccer Club MLS Team .
We were very excited to see that the goalkeepers loved it and found the tool very game-day realistic. As you’ll see from the video that the ZEE Deflector is challenging even for keepers like Peruvian international Pedro Gallese. The deflections once the ball hit the training tool have a very realistic change of course and in most cases the ball picks up speed.

31% of goals in the MLS are scored from inside the six yard box and in most cases the ball shot on goal while the box is very crowded. Deflections can happen from any distance and the deflector is the perfect tool to keep the goalkeeper ready for any situation.

This specific product is built to fit for the demands of professional and college goalkeeper coaches.
The ZEE Deflector can be positioned anywhere inside our outside of the 18 yard box and will withstand any ball speed
The deflecting cones are able to be moved easily, enabling versatility and variety of deflections in any training session.

The ZEE Deflector and be dissembled in minutes and stored away in its storage bag and can be transported with great ease. The deflector are hand made, each and every one of these goalkeeper training tools are custom build for the needs of the Soccer Clubs that order them.

The ZEE Deflector will be available for sale in very limited stock starting January 2023 on our Goalkeeper Gloves website

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