The creators of ZEE Goalkeeper Gloves are goalkeepers themselves, we know how expensive it can be for young goalkeepers to purchase quality gloves. For many of us it was having to choose between horribly overpriced brands or cheap bad quality, It has been 3 years now that we decided to change the Goalkeeper Glove game for everyone that wants professional goalkeeper gloves at an affordable price.

The ZEE brand doesn’t just make Goalkeeper Gloves. They create them from scratch. Keep in mind that anyone can make a goalkeeper glove, anyone can add a fancy logo on the backhand. But to create, design and test goalkeeper gloves before they’re put into production takes months, sometimes even years!

Our gloves are designed, tested and then worn by DI College keepers or Pro’s in the United States. You are wearing the identical glove worn by them during the game!

We make High-End Goalkeeping Gloves at a price everyone can afford and to fit any hand size! Every glove is tested and created directly with the suggestions of professional goalkeepers and MLS Goalkeeper Coaches. We may not be the largest goalkeeper glove brand, but we guarantee you that there is no other glove on the market today that has a better grip than any of the gloves branded ZEE! It is a matter of fact that we have always stated in public that we invite ANY of the major goalkeeper glove brands to compare their grip vs ours, but still today none have come forward for the challenge.