We have gone to a great extent to create the best possible goalkeeper gloves on the market and keeping the cost for less than $80.00. In reality any of the major brands that are using the same materials as our Zee Pro-Game 2.0 is selling their gloves for no less than $120.00 a pair.

You will notice that the description of our gloves is in deep detail when it comes down to measurements, this is because 90% of the goalkeeper gloves out there that sell for more are actually using less quality products and many are basically selling you a low quality material glove with a popular and trendy logo!

The glove has gone through 4 months of testing stages and whenever the testing goalkeepers found something in the glove that could be improved, we stepped on it right away. The backhand of the glove is now the same color of the coating, we are the only GK glove company that uses 10 mm foam in a goalkeeper glove that costs less than $80.00. All latex used on our gloves is 100% German!