This is a game level glove for advanced goalkeepers. Impressive grip and serious protection are provided in the ZEE Pro-Game 3.0 Ultimate goalkeeper glove. Five finger removable spines make customization of the gloves. The glove slides on very easily thanks to the one piece glove body design. The black 4mm German Contact Latex provides the goalie with assured grip no matter the conditions.  Turf, Grass, dirt, mud, rain… No matter where you’re playing this glove will do the job!

Designed with maximum durability for goalkeepers who play and train daily. Great value game glove for under $90.

Perform at your best always and in all weather conditions with the ZEE Pro-Game 3.0 Ultimate Goalkeeper Gloves

The ZEE Pro-Game 3.0 Ultimate Professional Goalkeeper Gloves are the best selling goalkeeper gloves of branded ZEE.
On sale on our official website since 2017 with thousands of pairs sold all over the United State.

Worn by Youth Club, College and Pro Goalkeepers, there’s no need to break the bank to ensure you’ve got a sturdy pair of goalkeeper gloves to see you through a whole soccer season. That’s correct “A Whole Soccer Season” – The ZEE Pro-Game Ultimate Goalkeeper gameday gloves delivers well beyond its price, providing all-around command and control at an affordable price. Like stated: Simple design yet effective – it’s guaranteed to deliver all season round.

Palms in 4mm German contact latex
  • Features 8mm backhand padding. The backhand padding on these gloves deliver exceptional flexibility and optimum punching power.
  • 4mm German contact latex palm by far the best grip in both wet and dry conditions today on the market. These high quality latex palms can take the bite out of any opposing player’s bark guaranteed! Palm with memory foam for instant shock absorption! The same latex used by professional goalkeepers in the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, League 1…
  • Additional reinforcement  with removable finger-save. Negative cut finger body tips. This cut compliments the lightweight nature of the materials used in this glove and allows for the second skin like feel.
  • Brand new extended wrist protection rigid double wrap strap. The new entry system makes it much easier to slide the glove onto the hand and secure it to the wrist
It’s about maximizing performance… ZEE Pro-Game 3.0 Ultimate

We’ve tried to pack as much value into these Professional Goalkeeper regardless of your We’ve made them very comfortable, proper skin fit, maximum breathability and the option of finger support or not.  These goalie gloves were designed from the very ground all the way up using precious feedback from professional goalkeepers combined with the very best goalkeeper glove materials and construction methods worldwide.

These are by far the best quality goalkeeper gloves in its price range period!