It’s truly an amazing pleasure to announce that we will be offering on our website products from the leading soccer Rebounder Company Munin Sports.
The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy have been a proud partner of Munin Sports for the past 3 years. Over this time we have tested and reviewed basically all of their products and we came to the conclusion that Munin has no rivals when it comes down to rebounders!

We tested the crap out of this rebounder!

Our goalkeeper Academy has used the Munin P10 Rebounder since it’s prototype stage, so we’re talking about 3 years now. They still look like the day we removed them from the box. These rebounders can take a beating! With an aluminium anti-corrosion resistant frame, coated with a patented anti-scratch paint and securely fastened tension wires, I have no doubts that this top of the line rebounder will stay in action for a very long time.

In nearly 8 years where soccer equipment companies have been asking us to test on the field their equipment, we have tested many portable rebounders (both U.S. and European brands) and the Munin Sports m-station P10 provides the sharpest quickest rebound for soccer drills for both field players and goalkeepers. It is far sturdier than any other rebounder we have ever used and is the favorite rebounder for our students!

Please check out the bellow video to see how we first tested the finished product in early 2020. You will notice that the rebounder is not fastened to the ground and no matter how hard the ball is shot at it, it wont move an inch.

Setting it up

Given that this is a very sturdy rebounder, you should not be surprised to know that these is no setting up. This product arrives at your doorstep fully assembled . All you have to do is pull it out and you’re good to go!


At first glance, you sort of think that there’s only three or four drills you could run with an Munin P10 Rebounder, but after one kick or throw, you start to get a very good idea of what this top of the line rebounder is all about.

The power of the return off the P10 is to say the very least absolutely incredible. Munin Sports states on their website a 95% energy retention on everything you put into it… We noticed right away that is definitely true. In fact, while testing the P10 on day one there might well have been a few occasions where our students felt it hit a pass back harder than they sent it in. Apparently the laws physics do not exist with the Munin P10.

There’s no shortage of things you can do with this Munin award-winning rebounder. and this is why we decided to add it to our catalog on

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