ZEE helps to connect goalkeepers and soccer clubs throughout the United States. We did it for over seven years with our Goalkeeper Academy, Camps and Clinics and we will continue on this path for the years to come through the distribution of our brand of Goalkeeper Gloves nationwide!

For the past 5 years we have offered top quality Goalkeeper Gloves all with nothing less than 4mm German Contact Latex. Because of its top latex ZEE Gloves are High Performance and High Quality compared to all other latex.  We do not use cheap grip such as Giga Grip, as some may try to tell you “Used by Professionals” this is a LIE. It is a trick that is used by some cheap goalkeeper glove brands to make you believe that they’re selling you a pro-goalkeeper glove. It was many years ago considered pro-level, until Contact latex totally superseded it. Do not be fooled!

We are an independent brand, as in a much smaller GK glove brand that may not have global recognition. However we are well known in the community for providing high level goalkeeper gloves accessible to keepers of all levels.

ZEE gloves are in the most Negative Cut:

Negative cut goalkeeper gloves are very modern and very nicely designed. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years among pro goalkeepers. We stepped right on the ball 5 years ago with out first pair of Pro-Game 2.0 goalkeeper gloves offering Negative Cut and were a huge success among college (NCAA DI) and semi-pro goalkeepers from the USL2 divisions.

Negative cut goalkeeper gloves offer maximum performance and comfort which is precisely why 75% of professional goalkeepers wear this cut glove today. The overall grip is on-par with Roll Finger, but with some added benefits.

We use the Negative cut on our gloves because it provides a fit that’s true to your hand & finger shapes, leaving very little empty space inside the gloves. As a result you have a much better feeling with the ball, and more in control, than with you would with Roll Finger or Flat Palm goalkeeper gloves.

The inside stitching creates a padding at the tips of your fingers providing extra protection and a much firm surface on the fingers. Negative cut gloves are also ideal for when you’re distributing the ball with your hand.