It depends mostly on your level of play and how hard you train. It’s important to understand that contact latex (is one of the most durable) begins to deteriorate the moment you put your gloves on and start making contact with the ball and the ground. Your gloves will wear out faster the more you play and practice.  Dirt, turf rubber elements, sweat and bacteria can also build up over time and cause wear.

Even our high-quality gloves will need replacing sooner or later. Dirt, sweat and bacteria and other elements wear down the latex and reduce its effectiveness over time.  If your latex is crumbling then that’s not Contact Latex, its more than likely cheap Giga Grip that will lose its grip even after a good cleaning.

Having a pair of goalie gloves for training and another set of gloves for matches should see you through most of the season. It also depends on the weather conditions, how you land and how rough the field surface is. It’s also a good idea to have a third pair of gloves saved in your backpack. If you’re training on Astroturf then your gloves are going to get torn up pretty fast. You could at this point purchase a pair of specific turf gloves but you will notice that the grip is terrible and the feeling of the glove is like wearing a pair of boxing gloves.

So, how often do professional goalkeepers changes their gloves? There are professionals that I work with that use a brand new pair of gloves every game they play, however, there are also goalies that give priority to the ones having better ball control. Such goalies will wear the same gloves for around 5 matches.

We cannot generalize an exact period for use. Goalkeepers preferences for wearing gloves multiple times can be contradicting but the life of a goalkeeping glove is usually 10 matches which are constant for every pair. However, if you are reading this blog post, the chances your not a professional goalkeeper are pretty high and you don’t have the means to spend so much money in goalkeeper gloves, so how can anyone buy gloves that are not only good but are durable as well? You’re on the right website. Our ZEE Goalkeeper Gloves are durable and have the very best grip on the market.

Goalkeeping gloves are a goalie’s ultimate piece of protective equipment. If you are looking for top quality goalkeeper gloves with the best grip possible (German Contact Latex), see our line of goalie gloves today. Our gloves were built to fit every level of play for Game-Day. Let us at ZEE get you equipped so you can get out out on the field and be a Brick Wall!